Video Cases

Need to see how to put suicide assessment and counseling into action with your faith members? We have case studies showing it in action!
The case studies are used throughout our introduction course and we have collected them below to make it easy for you to navigate them all.

These depict actual faith leaders working with simulated faith members—actors and actresses trained to respond realistically in the situation.
The cases are also available on DVD if you would like to use them in small group sessions. Let us know what you think.

Faith Leader Case Studies

Bishop Young & Kaden

Risk Level: Low-Moderate

Life has been pretty good for Kaden Akers, 33-year-old African American male, over the last year. He has dealt with bipolar disorder since he was 16, which often manifested in binge eating and suicidal ideation. He kept these thoughts secret for years, humiliated by his thoughts in the midst of his faith’s strong taboo against suicide. More »

Bishop Young & Nathan

Risk Level: High

Nathan Dodd, 29-year-old African American male, grew up religious but hasn’t gone to church since the day he graduated high school and left home. Despite having known he was gay since he was a teenager, and having dated men seriously for five years, he only recently came out to his family. More »

Father Certain & Charlotte

Risk Level: High

Charlotte Larkin, a 48-year-old Caucasian female, has just joined a new Episcopal church. Her only daughter, 17-year-old Marie, graduated from high school in the spring and has just moved across the country for college. More »

Father Certain & Jasper

Risk Level: High

Jasper Collins is a 57-year-old Caucasian male. He has been married to Harriet for 30 years. The couple has two children, Jason (age 29) and Sarah (age 18). Jason lives out of state and Sarah, who recently joined the military, also lives out of state. Jasper and Harriet go to an Episcopal church regularly, and Harriet is involved in several church activities. More »

Reverend Molock & Allie

Risk Level: Moderate-High

Allie Werner, 25-year-old Caucasian female, graduated from college two years ago with a degree in art history, her long-time passion, and despite great opposition from her parents, both high-profile lawyers. She’s the only child of successful parents, and grew up under intense scrutiny and pressure. Allie and her parents have been estranged since they cut off her funding for college during her Junior year. She’s blown off steam with drug use and some alcohol abuse since she was a teenager. More »

Reverend Molock & Carter

Risk Level: Low-Moderate
Carter Rankin is a 19-year-old African American male who has just started his sophomore year at college. During freshman year, he really enjoyed living in the dorms and meeting new people, even though his class load was challenging. In second semester, missing the ritual of attending church at home, he carved out time to get moderately involved with the youth ministries at the church on campus. He also got a part-time work study job on campus. More »