Massachusetts : Falmouth takes steps to reduce suicide rate , Cape Cod Times , Mar. 6, 2011

Falmouth mental health officials are responding to community needs with new suicide prevention approaches aimed at men and people experiencing financial distress. To reach men, Steven Jochim, director of the Pocasset Community Mental Health Center, spent Wednesday afternoons from mid-November to mid-January canvassing the community with two other mental health specialists. Visiting marinas, auto body shops, factories, bars, and other locations where men work and gather, the three handed out contact information and literature about mental health issues and depression. “We’d just hang out and talk with them, said Jochim. “It was men talking to men. We felt it was such a powerful connection with people in the community.” Speaking of a community meeting that was held last fall in response to a number of suicides in Falmouth, Jochim said “There were maybe four guys out of 100 people… The guys aren’t coming in. They’re not help seekers.” Meanwhile, Falmouth Human Services is reaching out to people experiencing financial distress by sending a Department of Mental Health employee to budget classes offered at the Falmouth Service Center. At the end of class, students can opt for depression screening and receive referrals to mental health service if needed. “We see people who are in crisis here,” said Falmouth Service Center director Brenda Swain. “They have a family to support and they don’t know what they are going to do.”

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