The relationship between the intracanular concentrations of unbound (free) furosemide and its natriuretic effect is in the form of a sigmoid curve with a minimum effective furosemide excretion rate of about 10 g / min. Therefore, prolonged infusion of furosemide is more effective than repeated bolus administration. In addition, if a certain bolus dose is exceeded, no significant increase in the effect is observed. When the tubular secretion of furosemide decreases or when the drug binds to the albumin located in the lumen of the tubules (for example, in a nephrotic syndrome), the effect of furosemide decreases.
Utah : Suicide prevention training helps police , Standard-Examiner , Feb. 20, 2011 - Suicide & Faith

Suicide Prevention in Faith Organizations: An Introduction

6.35 Utah : Suicide prevention training helps police , Standard-Examiner , Feb. 20, 2011

The Utah legislature has passed a resolution encouraging Utah police officers to undergo Crisis Intervention Training, a 40-hour training program provided by the Utah Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health. The program teaches officers about mental illness, mind- and mood-altering drugs, and strategies for averting suicide by people in crisis. According to John Rogerson, director of adult services for Weber Human Services in Ogden, the severity of crisis calls has been increasing due to cuts in human services. “What we end up seeing is, rather than people being able to get treatment, they put it off and end up calling once they are in a crisis situation,” said Rogerson.

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