The relationship between the intracanular concentrations of unbound (free) furosemide and its natriuretic effect is in the form of a sigmoid curve with a minimum effective furosemide excretion rate of about 10 g / min. Therefore, prolonged infusion of furosemide is more effective than repeated bolus administration. In addition, if a certain bolus dose is exceeded, no significant increase in the effect is observed. When the tubular secretion of furosemide decreases or when the drug binds to the albumin located in the lumen of the tubules (for example, in a nephrotic syndrome), the effect of furosemide decreases.
Study finds many graphic YouTube self-harm videos , The Washington Post , Feb. 21, 2011 - Suicide & Faith

Suicide Prevention in Faith Organizations: An Introduction

6.30 Study finds many graphic YouTube self-harm videos , The Washington Post , Feb. 21, 2011

Parents and mental health professionals should be aware that young people can access graphic videos showing cutting and other methods of self-harm on YouTube, according to Stephen Lewis, co-author of a study on the topic that was just published in the journal Pediatrics. His team found more than 5,000 YouTube videos on self-injury. Many of the videos glamorized self-injury, potentially triggering the behavior, according to Lewis. Few videos discouraged the practice. Lewis and his team have recommended that YouTube provide helpful resources or links in response to keyword searches related to self-injury. According to psychologist Tracy Knight, an associate professor at Western Illinois University who appears in a documentary-style YouTube video about cutting, the videos could potentially have one benefit: promoting discussion of self-injury. “It makes it open for social discussion…in a way that was not possible when it was secret,” said Knight.

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