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New Jersey : Pharmacy school grad’s video on suicide wins PSA contest, Rutgers, Jul. 21, 2011

A student at the Rutgers Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy has won a suicide prevention public service announcement contest sponsored by Rutgers Health Services. His 45-second video, which features a red rubber ball to symbolize a student with depression, will be shown to incoming freshmen at new student orientations. In his video, Kursewicz decided to use a red rubber ball to represent a student suffering from depression. The video begins with the ball rolling off a breakfast table, out the door and onto the grass, where two students are playing Frisbee. The students toss the ball aside and it then tumbles into the street, bringing a silver van to a screeching halt. As the music becomes upbeat, a student exits the van, picks up the ball and carries it into the counseling office. “The depression public service announcements that you always see on TV are always very sad,” said the student who created the winning PSA, Jordan Kursewicz. “You can’t always connect to them because you think of that specific person [in the PSA]. That’s why I chose to show suicide by a ball.” The video is meant to emphasize the message that it’s easy to access help for mental illness at Rutgers.

Read the article at www.rutgers.edu.

View the PSA at www.youtube.com.