Module 3: Talking about suicide Risk: How you ask makes a difference


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Additional modules as well as organization resources, including a readiness kit, are in development.

The remaining modules cover monitoring and responding to suicide risk, promoting healing among the community in the aftermath of a suicide-related event, and looking at the big picture of how to improve the awareness and readiness of your faith organization and faith community:

  • Module 2: Recognizing Suicide Risk
  • Module 3: Detecting Risk: How You Ask Makes a Difference
  • Module 4: Responding to Suicidal Thoughts
  • Module 5: Promoting Healing Among Attempt Survivors
  • Module 6: Promoting Healing Among Survivors of Loss
  • Module 7: Addressing Suicide Prevention Throughout Your Organization
  • Module 8: Assess and Improve Your Organization’s Readiness
  • Module 9: Conclusion and Next Steps

Modules 4-9 available in the future

Please remember: This course, and especially this subset of this course, does not prepare a faith leader (or anyone else) to be the sole provider for someone thinking about suicide or experiencing other mental health issues. Rather it focuses on helping you prepare your organization to take steps to reduce risk across your faith community, and to monitor for and take immediate action regarding warning signs and risk factors for suicide. It is very important that you collaborate with mental health providers in your community, since it is often appropriate to refer those at risk of suicide for further mental health treatment. This course does help you establish procedures for doing that. If you have an interest in further counseling skills, there are other more intensive courses focused solely on handling suicide-related situations.

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