Module 1: Suicide Prevention in Faith Organizations: An Important Opportunity


Suicide is a significant problem in the United States, one that is receiving increased attention in the media and by national organizations.

Course SamplesSuicide and suicidal thoughts can affect anyone regardless of the social standing or personal characteristics. Faith leaders can play an important role in actively addressing suicide in their organizations. From educational and outreach activities, to encouraging faith members to care for and support those with mental health problems in the same way they do members with physical health challenges, to identifying and counseling individuals at risk for suicide and suicidal ideation, to supporting those affected by a suicide or suicide attempt.

Unfortunately, although faith leaders are often called upon to engage in suicide prevention and intervention, they also report that they have received little training to do so and often are not comfortable with the subject.

This course provides an introduction to suicide and its prevention and intervention in faith organizations. By participating in the course, you will be better able to make your faith community more welcoming and supportive of individuals with mental health challenges; you will be able to assess your organization’s readiness to address suicide; and you will be better prepared to educate members of your organization, interact with individuals who are potentially at risk, and counsel those affected by suicide. As an introduction, this course serves as your first step in a challenging journey to learn about and affective address suicide.